The Club is “blessed” with large grounds with flower beds and a small wood.

For many years there had only been basic maintenance of the grounds. In 2013 it was decided to renovate the gardens and grounds. This work has been ongoing since then, lead by Josie. One border was completely replanted, the border next to the wood was extended and planted, two new borders were made by the gates and another was made parallel to the alley. All these new borders were planted with plants from Josie’s and the other gardeners own gardens.


The wood and its trees had been sadly neglected with dead and dying trees covered in ivy and some of the trees had been vandalised. The wood had been used to dump rubbish by the club and from over the fence next to the alley. The gardeners also used it to dispose of garden and wood waste from the grounds.

The dead trees were removed and others pruned.  In the last year part of the wood has been clear of all its rubbish. (Old fridges, car tyres, old screens from the bar, bags, carpets, curtains, hard core, a boom box,  bottles, cans etc). The garden waste was sorted and the soft waste moved to new compost heaps. Woody material was removed; some of it was “chipped” to be used on the flower beds and the bigger bits were burnt, though we still have lot of logs to big to burn. Some of the smaller logs were used as line the borders and paths.


The part of wood that had been cleared, it is being planted with bluebells and other wild plants. A border has also been made in the undercroft of the bank and is being planted with daffodils, crocuses and forget-me-nots .

Half the wood though, has been left for wildlife e.g. foxes, squirrels, bugs, and we hope, wood mice, voles, hedgehogs etc though we hope no rats!


It is hoped that the garden is its at it’s best during the bowling season but there is some planting that comes into flower during the closed season, especially spring when the daffodils, blue bells, crocuses and wild garlic come into flower. Late spring the poppy bank at the back of the club house comes into its own.


The gardening is done on Tuesday and Thursday by Josie, Glenys, David Down, David Herbert, John and Chris Derby, Janet and some “casual weeders”. They also sweep the paths, collect rubbish and mow the car park.

      Forest Hill Bowling Club

                                The Garden This Year

The Garden & The Wood

Members are welcomed to visit the gardens at anytime through the year and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this part of the club premises.