Beginners are always welcome to Forest Hill Bowing Club because they are the future of the club. Bowls can be played by people of all ages up to 90 and beyond! 

 The Game of Lawn Bowls - The Basics

Bowls is played between two people (singles) or between two teams of two, three or four. The aim of the game is to bowl your bowl, or wood, closest to a small white or yellow target ball, the jack. The woods do not follow a straight path but have a curved trajectory as they have what is called a bias. An introduction to bowls can be found at


Woods or bowls – These come in sets of four and range in sizes, from  00 to 7 as well as different biases and weights. The club has sets of bowls or woods you can use and try out before you decide to get your own. A set of new bowls cost from £150 upwards, although there are lots of second hand bowls that can found much cheaper than that. We would not recommend you to buy woods until you have tried a few different bowls. There are plenty of members who will give you advice on woods.

Shoes – To prevent damage to the green these have to be flat with little or no tread.

Clothing – When you are on the green you are expected to follow a simple dress code, see below. You will need white tops/shirts/blouses and white & grey trousers/skirts.

There are other things like, measures and wet gear,  (yes bowls is played in the rain sometimes!),  which you may want to buy later, but these are not essential for beginners.
Dress Code

To beginners this can be a bit bewildering – The are two main kits, Greys and Whites.

Whites – White top/shirt/blouse and white trousers/skirt are worn for most weekend games.

Greys – White top/shirt/blouse and grey trousers/skirt, are worn at most other times on the green. 

Local suppliers of bowling equipment

Bowls Direct in Carshalton now only trade on line, they have closed their  shop. Web link

John Forsey Bowls in Welling

Other Links

Bowls England 

Bowls England is the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of Flat Green Lawn Bowls in England.  -  Link

Kent County Bowls 

Organises bowls in Kent. Although  Forest Hill is in London, for Bowls it is in Kent! There is both a ladies and men's section.   Link to Ladies web site Link to Men's web site

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