Single Competition

Each group will have four players who will play each other, 3 games of 7 ends. The scoring for these rounds are 2 points win, 1 for a draw. No trial ends.All shots count.

There will be a count back of shots if required. Rinks 1,2,4,5


Sat 29t, Sun 30th & Mon 31st  1.30pm start.


Groups          A                          B                          C                          D

                   David H               Pat S                   Ian                       Terry

                   Bernard               Dennis                 Peter H                Mick

                   Jeanette              Chas                    Derek                   Alan G

                   Phil                      Tony                    Ken                      Deirdre

                                             Champion’s League


Qualified to “Champion’s League”             The winner of Group A will play runner up of B

                                                                   The winner of Group B will play runner up of A

                                                                   The winner of Group C will play runner up of D

                                                                   The winner of Group D will play runner up of C

                                                                   Rinks will be drawn, trial ends then 1st to 21


Quarter Finals Semi’s                                Sat 5th/Sun 6th Sept1.30

                                                                   Sat 12th/Sun 13th Sept1.30


Champions League Final                 Sat 19th/Sun 20th Sept1.30

                                             Europa League

                     8 players who did not qualify for the Championship to compete in this competiton.

                      2 woods singles, 15 ends to be played. Extra end to be played if a draw.

                      Trial ends, rinks to be drawn. Players to be drawn.

                                                          Sat 29th/Sun 30th Mon 31 Aug.


Europa League Final                         Sat 19th /Sun 20th at 1.30


We hope you enjoy these competitions, please be flexible with date and time if required. Markers to be arranged.

                                                                    Internal Competitions.


1.     Draw for rink, 1,3,4,6 for social distancing.

2.     Toss a coin for the jack, 15 ends to be played

3.     2 point for a win, 1 for a draw, a count back of shots  if required

Friday Pairs League – Starts 7th August at 4.00pm

League 1




7th Aug

Chas & Pat v     Dave H & Jeanette

Ken & Derek v Alan & Ron   


14th Aug

Alan & Ron  v     Dave H & Jeanette

Ken & Derek v Dennis & Terry


21st Aug

Chas & Pat v  Alan & Ron   

Dave H & Jeanette v Dennis & Terry


28th Aug

Dennis & Terry v Chas & Pat

Dave H & Jeanette v Ken & Derek


4th Sept

Chas & Pat v Ken & Derek

Alan & Ron  v Dennis & Terry






League 2




7th Aug

Brian & Tony v     Mick & Bob

Deirdre & Peter S v Ian & David D

Peter H

14th Aug

Mick & Bob v

Deirdre & Peter S

Brian & Tony v Peter H & Josie 


21st Aug

Deirdre & Peter S v Ian & David D

Ian & David D v Mick & Bob


28th Aug

Brian & Tony v Ian & David D

Peter H & Josie  v Mick & Bob


4th Sept

Deirdre & Peter S v Brian & Tony

Peter H & Josie v Ian & David D



11th  Sep

Winners of League 1 Play runners up League 2

Winners of League 2 Play runners up League 1

18th Sept

The Final