Single Competition

Each group will have four players who will play each other, 3 games of 7 ends. The scoring for these rounds are 2 points win, 1 for a draw. No trial ends.All shots count.

There will be a count back of shots if required. Rinks 1,2,4,5


Sat 29t, Sun 30th & Mon 31st  1.30pm start.


Groups          A                          B                          C                          D

                   David H               Pat S                   Ian                       Terry

                   Bernard               Dennis                 Peter H                Mick

                   Jeanette              Chas                    Derek                   Alan G

                   Phil                      Tony                    Ken                      Deirdre

                                             Champion’s League


Qualified to “Champion’s League”             The winner of Group A will play runner up of B

                                                                   The winner of Group B will play runner up of A

                                                                   The winner of Group C will play runner up of D

                                                                   The winner of Group D will play runner up of C

                                                                   Rinks will be drawn, trial ends then 1st to 21


Quarter Finals Semi’s                                Sat 5th/Sun 6th Sept1.30

                                                                   Sat 12th/Sun 13th Sept1.30


Champions League Final                 Sat 19th/Sun 20th Sept1.30

                                             Europa League

                     8 players who did not qualify for the Championship to compete in this competiton.

                      2 woods singles, 15 ends to be played. Extra end to be played if a draw.

                      Trial ends, rinks to be drawn. Players to be drawn.

                                                          Sat 29th/Sun 30th Mon 31 Aug.


Europa League Final                         Sat 19th /Sun 20th at 1.30


We hope you enjoy these competitions, please be flexible with date and time if required. Markers to be arranged.

Friday Pairs League – Starts 7th August at 4.00pm

League 1




7th Aug

Chas & Pat v     Dave H & Jeanette

Ken & Derek v Alan & Ron   


14th Aug

Alan & Ron  v     Dave H & Jeanette

Ken & Derek v Dennis & Terry


21st Aug

Chas & Pat v  Alan & Ron   

Dave H & Jeanette v Dennis & Terry


28th Aug

Dennis & Terry v Chas & Pat

Dave H & Jeanette v Ken & Derek


4th Sept

Chas & Pat v Ken & Derek

Alan & Ron  v Dennis & Terry






League 2




7th Aug

Brian & Tony v     Mick & Bob

Deirdre & Peter S v Ian & David D

Peter H

14th Aug

Mick & Bob v

Deirdre & Peter S

Brian & Tony v Peter H & Josie 


21st Aug

Deirdre & Peter S v Ian & David D

Ian & David D v Mick & Bob


28th Aug

Brian & Tony v Ian & David D

Peter H & Josie  v Mick & Bob


4th Sept

Deirdre & Peter S v Brian & Tony

Peter H & Josie v Ian & David D



11th  Sep

Winners of League 1 Play runners up League 2

Winners of League 2 Play runners up League 1

18th Sept

The Final

                                                                    Internal Competitions.


1.     Draw for rink, 1,3,4,6 for social distancing.

2.     Toss a coin for the jack, 15 ends to be played

3.     2 point for a win, 1 for a draw, a count back of shots  if required